Training Programmes

After your initial consultation with me , you can select to do one of the following training programmes:


 Obedience Training for Adult Dogs ( over a year old) - Prices start at £220


A four month course of 4 one hour lessons delivered once a month in Melsonby or owner's home or a mixture of the two. Open to any age or breed of dog.


A general training programme to improve your dog's behaviour and obedience in and out of the home. The course is bespoke and will be tailored to your individual needs. It will cover things like heelwork, recall, sit, down, stand, stay, good manners, travelling in a car, leaving items, dropping items, going through a  door or gate politely, send aways and emergency stop. I will also include fun activities like Searching, Dog Agility and Hoopers,

Training Programmes for puppies under a year are detailed on the Puppy training page of this website.



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