Puppy training

Puppies are wonderful!! They are cute and cuddly and give us love and laughter. They are also complex animals going through a number of developmental stages over a short period of time. Their experiences, positive or negative, during these early stages contribute to the character of the adult dog. You want to give your puppy the very best start in life so you can have a dog you can be proud of. 


I offer a bespoke service based on kind, modern methods, helping you and your puppy at this important time. I will teach you how to give your puppy confidence and train him how to behave before problems arise. It's so much easier to show a puppy what you want them to do before they learn incorrect behaviour and need to be retrained. You will learn how to build a good bond with your puppy so puppy loves to learn with you. 


Before you come for a lesson, I offer a Zoom consultation. This cuts down on face to face conversations. I will talk about the scientific methods I use and give you some basic exercises to do with your puppy. I will help with puppy mouthing, jumping up, house training, diet and daily routine. The call will be recorded & audio sent for you to keep with other useful documentation and helpful  links to YouTube videos. A 50 - 60 minute call costs £20.

You can then book a face to face puppy consultation. This can be in your own home once puppy is 10 weeks old, or in Melsonby when puppy is 12 weeks old.  Puppy must have had his second vaccination to come to Melsonby for training. For  pricing, see below.   

 I strongly recommend your puppy wears a harness for training! If your dog pulls on the lead and is just wearing a collar and lead, he can damage his neck and airways. The link below is the best harness I’ve found, it will help train your puppy to walk nicely. Different sizes and colours are available.

dog harness -

matching collar  -

matching lead –

double ended lead -

double hook to attach 1 lead to both harness points -

Covid 19 pandemic: All lessons are in line with Government & Kennel Club guidelines.

PRICES: All prices are based on bespoke private lessons tailored to the individual needs of you and your puppy.  I will cover how to care for and train your growing puppy in the Zoom call and during the lesson.  With my help, you can have a well- behaved, happy, confident dog that will bring you and your family pleasure for many years to come. 

Zoom Consultation - One hour call on Zoom, Skype or mobile call. - £25

Puppy Introductory Lesson: For puppies up to 12 months old.

60 minute consultation: 

In Melsonby -   £65

In puppy's home - £90 ( more than 30 minutes from Melsonby - £100) 

After your initial consultation, you can sign up for the Puppy Foundation Course. This  consists of four one hour lessons, once every 2 to 4 weeks, with exercises to work on between lessons. You will have full email support over the 2 months.


Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Course -  This is part of the Good Citizen Dog scheme  - Good Citizen Dog Scheme | Dog training | The Kennel Club


4 one hour lessons with email support. You have 2 options: 

2 lessons in Melsonby, 1 at owner's home concentrating on heelwork, one at secure dog field concentrating on recall. - £300 

4 Lessons at owner's home - £400


I don't do group classes but there are some excellent puppy classes in the area, please ask for details if you'd like to join a group puppy class.