Private Lessons

 People with busy work schedules, family commitments or shift workers are often unable to commit to weekly training classes. A class environment is not always the best place for some dogs to learn. Or you may be looking for bespoke training to deal with a specific problem your dog has. Whatever your reason for booking a private consultation with me, you can be assured you are doing the very best for your dog. 


Is your dog's behaviour driving you mad? Annoying the neighbours? Or is your dog stubborn & doesn't listen to you? I've successfully helped dog owners with all these problems. I've had success dealing with bored working dogs, anxious dogs and rescue dogs, helping owners to radically change their dog's behaviour. 

I use the latest positive training methods that are simple, effective and a kind way to train your dog.  You will learn how to improve your bond with your dog and  your dog will learn to listen and respond to you.


All training is done on Zoom calls, I don't do face to face consultations for dogs over 12 months old. The  initial consultation  will be 60 minutes and costs £25, You may book future consultations of half an hour for £12.


All prices are based on Zoom consultations tailored to the individual needs of you and your dog.

Initial Online Consultation - 1 hour - £25

Additional consultations - 1/2 hour - £12