Behaviour Consulting

All behaviour Consultations are carried out online using Zoom, Skype or a phone call. 

I offer private Zoom  consultations. sessions last about an hour. I will help you resolve any behaviour issues you are having with your puppy or adult dog using the latest training techniques. You will be sent a recording of the consultation and support documents to support the advice given after the consultation.

I will offer positive solutions to problems you are having with your dog. I'll explain how to teach your dog to make the right choice using rewards.

Common behaviour problems include aggression towards people or dogs, separation anxiety, destructiveness, house training, food/object guarding, travelling problems and nuisance barking. I've had success helping people overcome all these problems using kind, effective methods. For most dogs, reducing their unwanted behaviour can take time, so be prepared to work with your dog for several weeks or months. You may need more than one Online consultations. 

PLEASE NOTE: Medical problems or pain can often be the cause for sudden or unexplained changes in behaviour, I recommend that your dog be checked by a vet before you arrange an online consultation with me. 

A background questionnaire will sent for completion before the online consultation. 


PRICE: Online  Consultation - 60 minutes - £20