Behaviour Consulting

I offer positive solutions to problems you are having with your dog. This will be done by teaching your dog to make the right choice by rewarding and reinforcing their good decisions. I’ll help you manage your dog’s behaviour and help him achieve his full potential through redirection and fun exercises that will change your relationship with your dog.

Medical problems or pain can often be the cause for sudden or unexplained changes in behaviour, so before I give any training advice your dog must be checked by your vet. Then we can get down to work!

Common behaviour problems include aggression towards people or dogs, separation anxiety, destructiveness, house training, food/object guarding, travelling problems, nuisance barking and handling or grooming issues. I've had success helping people overcome all these problems using kind, effective methods. For most dogs, reducing their unwanted behaviour can take time. I now offer 6 week, fully supported training programmes that include 3 one hour lessons with me and exercises to do on a regular basis over the 6 weeks.  I may recommend you sign up for a training programme after your initial consultation. 

A questionnaire will sent for completion before the initial visit, a written report will be sent after each visit with details of what was covered during the lesson and a plan of action including exercises to do with your dog that will help resolve issues you may be having.



All prices are based on bespoke private lessons tailored to the individual needs of you and your dog*.

Initial Consultation - 90 minutes

In Melsonby -   £75

In dog's home - £90 ( more than 30 minutes from Melsonby - £100) 

 *After the initial consultation, you may have the option of signing up to one of my 6 week training programmes. Individual lessons are no longer available. 


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