Beginner Agility

Fitness, focus and fun for you and your dog. Agility is a great way to practise basic training skills in a fun, high energy way. It doesn't matter what breed of dog you have - they all love agility!

These classes are a great way to get started in dog agility. Your dog will learn to negotiate tunnels, jumps, a seesaw, dog walk and weaves and reinforce some of the basic commands. For example; stay, turn left or right  and come back. Sessions are suitable for all dogs over 9 months old who have a good recall and a decent sit. Dogs under a year will go over poles on the ground, not jumps.

In October 2019 I passed exams with the UK Agility Club after completing an intensive 4 day training course with them. I'm now an accredited Agility Instructor. I've been competing in dog agility for twelve years. I have two dogs, one competes in Grade 7 and championship agility, the other competes in grade 6. I was an agility instructor for Barnard Castle Dog Training Club for 5 years and was a member of their agility team that competed at Crufts in 2015, which can be seen here: 

Agility is a great way to build a dog's confidence, reinforce essential commands and provides a fantastic opportunity to bond and have fun with your dog. It provides great physical exercise, mental stimulation and fulfils  many of their natural instincts. 

Classes take place in the large indoor school at Brookleigh Riding Centre, Aldbrough St John, near Darlington.  Before a dog can join the classes, owners have a private lesson in Melsonby, this lasts 45 minutes and is an introduction to the basic skills needed in agility.


Course of 3 sessions - £30 ( Lessons are on going, money collected at the start of each 3 week block. No refunds if you are unable to come to a class for any reason.) 

45 minute introductory skills lesson - £30


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