Offering positive, reward-based training


I'm offering online private consultations and practical lessons on Zoom for puppies and adult dogs.

I hour consultation - £20

30 minute practical training - £10

Face to face lessons will start after Easter. 


I'm a fully qualified, experienced dog trainer.

 I've owned dogs for over 20 years and  I'm

passionate about helping people get

the very best from their dog.

I use scientifically-proven, fun activities

to train your puppy or adult dog to become

a happy, confident pet that you can be 

proud of.


Puppy Training

Puppies are wonderful!! They are cute and cuddly and give us love and laughter. They are also complex animals going through a number of developmental stages over a short period of time. Their experiences, positive or negative, during these early stages contribute to the character of the adult dog.

Private Lessons

All lessons and online consultations are private sessions. I will address the problems you're having with your puppy or adult dog and offer bespoke solutions that fit you and your life style.

Private Zoom consultations and face to face lessons last about an hour. I will help you resolve any behaviour issues you are having with your puppy or adult dog suing the latest training techniques. 

Behaviour Consulting

All behaviour Consultations are carried out online using Zoom, Skype or a phone call. 

I offer private Zoom  consultations. sessions last about an hour. I will help you resolve any behaviour issues you are having with your puppy or adult dog using the latest training techniques. You will be sent a recording of the consultation and support documents to support the advice given after the consultation.

Beginner Agility

Fitness, fun and focus for you and your dog. Dog agility is a great way to practise basic training skills in a fun, high energy way.  These classes are a great way to get started in agility. 

Agility is a great way to build a dog's confidence, reinforce essential commands and provides a fantastic opportunity to bond and have fun with your dog. 

Training Programmes

 Do you have a grumpy or barking dog? Is your dog anxious or nervous in some situations? Do you want to improve your dog's behaviour on walks and / or in your home? 

I run bespoke training programmes that will help you with the problems you're having with your dog. 

Home Visits

Home visits are not just for dogs with serious behavioural issues, many people and dogs are happier working in their home environment. They are ideal for people who can't attend classes due to work or family commitments, don’t drive or have mobility issues.

"Sally has helped me so much with my dogs, she is great and has so much experience. I recommend her if you need help with your dogs."

Ann Hilton, Darlington

"I highly recommend Sally for all your dog training needs.
Sally is warm and friendly with lots of knowledge on how to train your puppy or adult dog."

Helen McQue, Richmond


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